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    2022 Powell Scholars Application

    Student Information
    Honors and Awards
    Briefly list up to 5 academic distinctions or honors you have received and the calendar year in which you received it.
    Leadership Positions and Activities
    Please list your leadership positions, activities, or conferences you’ve attended in their order of importance to you. Use the space available to provide a concise description of the activity.
    Essay #1
    The Powell Scholars Program is focused on developing tomorrow's leaders.  Holistic leadership requires you to use your unique skills and talents, as well as to cultivate new strengths.  Please discuss your leadership potential in terms of your existing strengths, as well as identify areas of growth that you with to develop in college that will make you a successful leader. (300-500 words)

    Essay #2
    Holistic leadership also involves creating a compelling vision that inspires others to follow you.  Powell Scholars are change-makers.  Articulate a vision for change in any area that appeals to you (entrepreneurship, social activism, the visual or performing arts, the natural sciences, economic policies, education, etc.).  If you had the opportunity to create change of any kind - locally or globally - what would it be and why is this meaningful to you? (300-500 words)

    Additional Infomation